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Animalintex Hoof Shamped Robinson horse wrap is a therapeutic product indicated for the care and treatment of foot and hoof wounds. The bandage can be used hot and cold, depending on the need: hot is useful for foot problems and inflammation, while used cold it relieves the symptoms of acute laminitis.


Animalintex Hoof Shamped by Robinson is a veterinary compress based on boric and tragacanth acid recommended for wounds of the feet and hooves of horses. This therapeutic product is ideal both hot and cold, depending on the relief sought. Cold is used for acute laminitis, the warm bandage is applied instead in case of chronic laminitis and rotting of the frog. The Animalintex bandage is preformed for greater ease of use.

Intended use

Horses hooves


Robinson Animalintex Hoof Shamped is a hot or cold bandage specific for the treatment of feet and hooves. This pack:

  • it is a shaped bandage easy to apply on the hoof;
  • used hot it reduces it is useful for frog rot and chronic laminitis;
  • applied cold to relieve acute laminitis.

How to use

Completely clean the area to be treated. Place the compress in a shallow basin, with the plasticized surface facing out. Pour the water into the container around the edges of Animalintex Hoof Shamped, without immersing it. After it is well soaked in water, remove the compress from the bowl and eliminate, with light pressure, the excess water. Apply the compress to the affected area with the plasticized surface on the outside, not in contact with the skin, shaping it at the edges of the application area. Apply an external containment bandage making sure that the compress is completely covered.

Warnings and Contraindications

Product for veterinary use only.
Keep out of reach of children.


Bag with 3 pieces

More information about the product can be found on the website of the Equality Horse manufacturer

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