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Nausea-Alt Adult is a bracelet for travel by car, plane and ship that makes the sense of rejection disappear. Also suitable for pregnant women.


The Nausea-Alt bracelet is recommended for all people who suffer from discomfort while traveling by car, ship or plane. It fights the sense of nausea without the use of drugs as it exerts a prolonged pressure on a precise point of the wrist. Nausea-Alt has no contraindications and is also ideal for pregnant women, for migraine or post-operative nausea. It is washable in cold water and can be reused.




The Nausea-Alt elastic cuff is applied to a specific point on the forearm so that it exerts the necessary pressure to eliminate the feeling of rejection. This medical device without side effects:

  • counteracts nausea without the use of drugs;
  • it is recommended when traveling by plane, car and ship;
  • it is suitable for pregnant women.

The Nausea-Alt cuff is a Class I medical device for adults that has the following characteristics:

  • one size;
  • reusable;
  • can be washed with cold water;

How to use

Nausea-Alt acts through prolonged pressure on a precise point on the forearm called P6 Neiguan. The elastic bracelet is equipped with a special sphere which continuously reproduces the effects of acupressure in the point named P6, according to traditional Chinese medicine. To find the exact point, simply place three fingers (index, middle and ring finger) on the wrist starting from the first fold that marks the point of contact with the hand. At this point, just place the ball of the Nausea-Alt bracelet under the index finger.

Warnings and Contraindications

Apply only on intact, clean and dry skin.
Carefully read the instructions for use on the package.


2 bracelets for adults

More information on the product can be found on the website of the manufacturer Planet Pharma

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