Tesmed Elettrostimolatore MAX 830


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Max 830 Electrostimulator with specific programs for fitness and beauty:
- jogging
- stretching
- step
- muscle warm-up
- aerobics
- toning
- firming
- definition
- cellulite blemishes.
Most of the electrostimulators on the market use a common reference of the electrodes, which contain currents with a direct component, or generate waves modified in their negative or positive component, with a prevalence of one or the other; hence the need to distinguish polarity. A careful study and the TMS "Tesmed Multiplexer System" technology used in the Tesmed Max 830 have made it possible to create an equipment capable of working correctly without having to apply the electrodes with a defined polarity, thus facilitating the method of application, connection and connection. use. Tesmed Max 830 includes sequential pulse applications among its programs and offers 99 programs, 200 treatments, over 2000 applications.
Tesmed Max 830 was created with a microcontroller with high performance in terms of capacity, calculation and memory. The software and hardware technology of Tesmed Max 830 exercise a special function of self-calibration of the output parameters, according to the different characteristics of each human body, this also allows you to use the electrostimulator with greater intensity, without experiencing any discomfort. Tesmed Max 830 is equipped with the WAIMS-SYSTEM, a system with sequential pulse technology. With this massage that progressively affects large areas of the body, Tesmed Max 830 effectively intervenes on the stagnation of liquids, making significant improvements in the areas affected by cellulite.

Technical features
Power supply: NI-MH rechargeable battery
Preset Programs: 99
Treatments: 200
Channel Numbers: 4
Dimensions: 58x128x18 mm.
Applications: over 2000
Maximum Peak Output Power: 120 mA
Maximum Peak Power: 10W
Pulse repetition frequency: from 1 to 150 Hz

The use of electrostimulation is locally contraindicated:
• in areas with inflammation, wounds, muscle strains or lacerations, dermatitis, bacterial infections, erythema, irritation;
• in regions with muscle hernias;
• in regions with bone fractures;
• in regions with prostheses and osteosynthesis materials;
• in regions with varicose veins or more generally vasculopathies;
• in the sites of neoplasms;
• on the mucous membranes.
It is forbidden to use the electrostimulator in the following cases:
• in pregnant women;
• in the developmental age (risk of juvenile heart attack);
• in the patient with a pacemaker (risk of interference with the pacemaker activity) and an implantable defibrillator;
• in cases of alteration of the peripheral nerves, muscle pathologies and serious damage to the osteoarticular structures;
• in the patient with joint prostheses and / or metal and / or metal intrathessutal-endotessutal osteosynthesis;
• in severe heart disease;
• in the patient with epilepsy;
• in the patient with bone cancer;
• in the patient with severe arterial hypertension;
• in those who have an important systemic, debilitating or dermatological pathology;
• in patients who perform treatments with an HF device because this could cause burns and damage to the electro-stimulator itself;
• near a short wave or microwave therapy device as this could produce instability in the electro stimulator output;
• in patients who are unconscious or unable to communicate;
• in subjects who are in such psychophysical conditions that they cannot expose themselves to external factors;
• in the presence of a flammable anesthetic mixture with air or oxygen or nitrous oxide.
The electrodes should never be placed on the carotid sinus or / and on a spastic muscle.
The use of the electro stimulator for therapy must be followed and recommended by a doctor.
During the application, in case of unpleasant sensations, stop the treatment immediately and consult a doctor.

Package containing: electrostimulator, 8 electrodes 50x50 mm, 4 electrodes 50x100 mm, 4 2-pole cables, user manual, 1 rechargeable battery, 1 charger.

Cod. 1018
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