Schwabe Arnica Compositumgel Dhu Medicinale Omeopatico 50g

Schwabe Arnica Compositumgel Dhu Medicinale Omeopatico 50g


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Arnica Comp.

DHU gel


It is a homeopathic preparation with an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving action, indicated in case of pain from inflammation in inflammatory pathologies of musculoskeletal origin, in injuries, in traumas. Facilitates the reabsorption of hematomas and edema.

Its action is carried out by modulating the inflammatory process, allowing its evolution to its natural end and keeping the system within the physiological parameters : that is, it does not block this process, a useful defense mechanism towards the stressful agent and essential for healing. optimal . Unlike the classic anti-inflammatory LOACKER Arnica Comp. Gel DHU 50 g. it regulates inflammation by letting it complete its course until its natural end (healing) , however, preventing the complications that prolonged inflammation could lead to.

Multiple actions:

  • anti-edema, modulating inflammation,
  • antisuppurative,
  • analgesic and regenerating.

Indicated in case of inflammatory muscular, skeletal and skin diseases, therefore it can be used in case of inflammatory pains, bruises, sprains, dislocations, muscle tears, strains of tendons and ligaments, hematomas, bruises, bone fractures, post-traumatic and post-operative edema. , bursitis, tendinitis, joint effusions, epicondylitis, lumbago, lumbosciatica, insect bites, minor burns.

Formulated with:

• Arnica montana: it is used for external use thanks to its anti-ecchymotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Promotes circulation, strengthens relaxed venous vessels, regenerates traumatized tissues. Stimulates blood circulation; its excellent characteristics in all mechanical and traumatic injuries allow both to act on pain and to reabsorb the resulting hematoma.

• Calendula officinalis: improves the balance of skin cellular hydration, stimulates the formation of new cells and regulates blood circulation and skin tone; eliminates necrotic tissue. Its pain-relieving action on the periarticular tissues is due to the slowdown in the propagation of the pain stimulus at the level of the nerve endings.

The gel formulation allows for faster absorption and a more rapid onset of action.


Arnica, calendula, Excipients: gel based on alcohols, glycerol and purified water.

Parts used: dried and pulverized root.

Contained substances: etheric oil, tanning substances, catechin.

How to use:

apply the gel with a light massage on the affected area several times a day.


exerts its action in the treatment of muscle and joint injuries, of functional limitation of movement when it is caused by pain and swelling. Increases skin and muscle circulation; it has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving action; promotes the resorption and healing of hematomas due to contusions and reduces tissue swelling and inflammatory processes.


in hypersensitive patients who cannot tolerate arnica, an itchy erythema may appear in the place where the application was made, which disappears immediately after the interruption of treatment. It is advisable to avoid the application of arnica-based ointments or gels in the presence of open wounds, in order to avoid possible hypersensitivity reactions and hemorrhages. External use.


50 g

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