B-vital Totale Integratore Vitamina B Gusto Arancia 20 Compresse Effervescenti

B-vital Totale Vitamin B Supplement Orange Flavor 20 Effervescent Tablets


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B-vital Totale Integratore Vitamina B Gusto Arancia 20 Compresse Effervescenti

- before conception and in the first trimester of pregnancy to prevent spina bifida and other congenital malformations;
- at the end of pregnancy to increase the level of folate and B vitamins in breast milk;
- in infants and children to promote energy metabolism and growth;
- in adults and the elderly to keep homocysteine levels under control and protect the cardiovascular system.

Dosage and method of use
1 tablet per day dissolved in a glass of water. 25 drops a day diluted in water or other drinks.

contains all the B vitamins, including folic acid (vitamin B9), in balanced doses to ensure maximum absorption and utilization, as the deficiency of individual B vitamins reduces the activity of the entire group.
It is preferable to folic acid alone for the prevention of spina bifida and other congenital malformations during pregnancy: in fact, the majority of the efficacy tests were carried out with polyvitamins B containing folates.
It is suitable for diabetics and celiacs, because its formulation does not contain gluten and sugar, and can be given in drops to infants as it is free of sweeteners.
Format: 20 tablets and 20 ml.

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