Bgstar 25 Test Strips For Measuring Blood Glucose

Bgstar 25 Test Strips For Measuring Blood Glucose


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BGSTAR is a CE product useful for determining blood glucose.
A blood glucose test can be performed using samples taken from the fingertips, palms (at the base of the thumb) and forearms. A small blood sample of 0.5 µL is sufficient to perform a test with the BGStar ™ System.

How to use
Application of the blood sample:
bring the test strip into contact with the blood sample: the instrument now displays the drop symbol. This symbol indicates that the BGStar ™ System is now ready for blood sample application. Immediately bring the BGStar ™ Test Strip into contact with the blood sample.
The test strip fills up from the tip. Do not apply blood to the top of the test strip. The BGStar ™ Test Strip acts like a sponge and absorbs the blood inside the test strip through the sampling area. The visual indicator of the BGStar ™ test strip will turn red.
Remove the test strip from the blood sample as soon as the meter beeps.
Do not press the BGStar ™ Test Strip against the test area.
Do not scrape the blood on the BGStar ™ Test Strip.
Do not apply blood to the top of the BGStar ™ Test Strip.
Do not apply blood to the BGStar ™ test strip when the test strip is not inserted in the meter.
Do not insert blood or foreign objects into the BGStar ™ Strip insertion opening. This could damage the system.
Stop applying blood when the unit beeps.
Read the test results shown on the display carefully before making a treatment decision.

Do not use if the security seal of the package is tampered with.
Properly dispose of used test strips.
Use BGStar ™ Test Strips only once.
Use only BGStar ™ test strips with the BGStar ™ or iBGStar ™ system.
After removing the BGStar ™ Test Strip from the bottle, immediately and tightly close the bottle cap.
Gently handle the BGStar ™ Test Strips with clean, dry hands while withdrawing from the bottle or inserting into the meter.
Do not use BGStar ™ Test Strips beyond the expiration date or after 90 days of first opening the bottle, otherwise inaccurate results may be obtained. Write the expiration date (90 days after first opening) on the bottle containing the test strips.
Do not bend, cut or alter the BGStar ™ Test Strips.

Store the bottle of BGStar ™ Test Strips in a cool, dry place at a temperature between 8 ° C and 30 ° C.
Use BGStar ™ Test Strips only at a system operating temperature between 10 ° C and 40 ° C.
Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.
Store BGStar ™ Test Strips only in their original bottle; never store them in another bottle, another container or out of the bottle.

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