Pascoe Basenpulver Powder 260gr Named

Pascoe Basenpulver Powder 260gr Named


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For the maintenance of the acid-base balance.
THE IMPORTANCE OF ACID-BASE BALANCE. In cases of inflammation, psycho-physical stress, use of drugs and excessive physical activity, the body produces a quantity of acid metabolic waste that is greater than that which it is able to neutralize and eliminate. In this case, an accumulation of acidic substances can occur which, over time, leads to tissue acidosis. Typical symptoms of tissue acidosis are: tiredness, lack of energy, poor concentration, drowsiness, irritability and muscle cramps. A prolonged state of tissue acidosis can favor the onset of diseases such as dysbiosis, osteoporosis, metabolic and degenerative diseases. The components of BASENPULVER-PASCOE, thanks to their high alkalizing capacity, help the body to compensate and neutralize the state of tissue acidosis.

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