Pegasus Aximagnesium Food Supplement 20 Sachets

Pegasus Aximagnesium Food Supplement 20 Sachets


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Food supplement composed of a mix of 8 different magnesium salts with high bioavailability and vitamin B6 useful in case of fatigue, tiredness and for energy metabolism.

AxiMagnesio Dietary supplement in sachets can be useful in sports, for women and for bones for:
-reduce the appearance of cramps, from physical activity or nervous tension;
-increase resistance to stressful, physical, mental factors;
- facilitate relaxation;
-improve the normal bone remineralization process;
-reduce nervous hyperexcitability;
-regulate the response to potentially allergic stimuli;
intense physical activity, profuse sweating.
Composed of a mix of 8 different magnesium salts with high bioavailability: it is easily used and absorbed by the body and is easily digestible. It is highly digestible and easily tolerated even by the "most sensitive" people, high bioavailability: easily used by the body, it is effective already after a short period of intake, it does not contain sucrose, lactose and gluten, without preservatives, dyes and added flavors, with stevia : sweetener of natural origin without calories or sugars. Practical single-dose sachets.
For the first years of life, the daily requirement of Magnesium does not vary according to sex, which instead happens from the 11th year. The quantities of magnesium to be taken daily differ depending on whether it is a simple preventive supplement, or a specific intake for one of the aforementioned disorders.
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