Big One Amino Acids 300 Tablets Professional Dietetics

Big One Amino Acids 300 Tablets Professional Dietetics


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Integratore alimentare di aminoacidi indicato per un aumentato fabbisogno di tali nutrienti

BIG ONE, unique in its kind because it contains essential amino acids in an ideal ratio to optimize protein synthesis.
BIG ONE is a blend of L-amino acids superior to any other formula, as shown by research, both basic and clinical.
- does not require digestion and does not produce nitrogenous waste;
- is completely free of side effects and does not cause any functional overload to any organ (stomach-liver -rene).


BIG ONE means more mitochondria and more ATP essential in sport when the energy demand is always stronger, essential in aging when free radicals and stress reduce the production of ATP.

SPORT-MOTOR ACTIVITY: before workouts it increases endurance and improves muscle and heart performance, counteracts overtraining and promotes the consumption of fat mass. After training, it allows a quick physical recovery by eliminating muscle fatigue and muscle soreness.
LOW-CALORIE DIETS: BIG ONE has the ability to regulate energy metabolism by promoting fat burning, reducing insulin resistance and improving glycemic control over time. BIG ONE through mitochondrial biogenesis promotes the maintenance and reconstruction of lean mass.
ANTIAGING: aging corresponds to a general inflammatory state (inflammaging), with an increase in free radicals, closely linked to a decreased production of ATP in the mitochondria.
BIG ONE is the intervention of choice to maintain cognitive and immunological abilities and nutritional status.

SPORT: 10 tablets daily before and after training .
BIG ONE in packs of 450 tablets.

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